On-Board Computer (OBC)

The tasks of the On-Board Computer are to synchronize the sub-modules and overview the execution of the flight plan. During the mission it processes and logs the telemetry and house-keeping data, manages the GPS module, communicates with the sub-modules via the System Bus and manages the scientific payload and cameras. OBC has an integrated camera module which images are processed and stored. The system log and the pictures are stored on a decent data storage device.
The module doesn’t have its own power supply, the system architecture provide the decent regulated voltage and power support.

OBC main functions:

  • Provide System Time
  • Manage GPS Module
    • Read out geo-coordinates
    • Read out altitude
  • Measure Module-Temperature
  • Processing Telemetry and House-Keeping Data
  • Build radio packages for communication
  • Manage System Bus
  • Manage Cameras
  • Data storage and logging
  • Diagnostics



OBC versions

OBC Proto

OBC V.1.5

OBC V.2.x