The goal of the MATeF Program is to test the new Communication System Family in-flight. In the missions we use the prototypes of the new COM modules which are going to integrated to the ReHAB system after validation.

MATeF-2 Mission

During mission-planning we used the results and “lessons-learned” of the MATeF-1 flight. The software on the flight modules are upgraded so data can be logged on SD-card. During this flight a high power radio module will be used and we will test an APRS module which could be a backup communication system in future missions. The APRS module was designed by the plans of Anthony Le Cren (F4GOH), which we would like to thank him.

Mission Objectives:

  • Target Altitude: 18000m (60000ft)
  • Continous telemetry downlink
  • Tracking via GPS: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude
  • Recovery
  • Module temperature measurement: OBC, COM
  • External temperature measurement
  • On-Board datalogging
  • Backup GPS Tracker test
  • Radio Uplink test
  • APRS test

MATeF POC Capsule

On-Board Electronics

UPRA Flight Computer

Flight Report