OBC near flight-complete state

After fixing the hardware problems the Internal Camera (ICC) is working again, now it is controlled by the flight version of the OBC. The camera got installed a fisheye lens that gives us wider field of view providing more exciting shots with the cam. Our next goal is to increse the quality of the pictures. […]

Global Space Balloon Challenge

Our team signed up for Global Space Balloon Challege, which goal is to gather high altitude balloonists all over the world. The challenge takes place between the 10th and 27th of April in 2015. The goal is to launch as many balloons as can in different parts of the world. The teams could help and […]

Status before the restart

  Good progress has been made in the development of the on-board system and the probe in the past few weeks. The telemetry system is almost complete only a few components are missing. Right now the programming and testing of the embedded software is in progress. On the picture two modules ( the On-Board Computer […]

Status report – Projekt Week 4

This week the Multi-Layer Insulation(MLI) of the capsule was finished. The MLI is built by the UPRA Team like the other parts of the probe. It was designed specifically for the ReHAB-150 capsule. The holes for the camera optics and outside wireing is still need to be cut. Details of the insulation can be found […]

New insulation capsule in production

In SOLARIS-1 mission the ReHAB-150 capsule will be used again. Due to the upgraded flight computer and the experience of the previous flight, a new insulation is being produced. The first step of the production is building a new polystyrol-foam-insulation capsule which was finished this week. The next phase will be the production of the […]

ReHAB – Simonyi Conference

ReHAB-150 Simonyi Conference Mission Status Live telemetry streamed. Picture downloaded. Software malfunction at 3600m (11800ft). Telemetry and pictures stored up to 10000m (33000ft). Recovered by civilian reports. COMPLETED Launch Date/Time: 13:00(UTC) 17.04.2015. Launch sight Recovery Date/Time: 8:00(UTC) 18.04.2015. University of Technology and Economics of Budapest Building “I” Lead Flight Director Chase Team Leader Bence Góczán […]

ReHAB-150 testflight – 15.04.2014

On the 15th of April 2014 the XI. annual Simonyi Conference took place where the UPRA Development Team carried out their first high-altitude balloon launch. During the flight the ReHAB-150 prototype balloon system was used. The flight was planned to test the radio communication in real-life situation, gather more information about the characteristics of the […]