ESA Concurrent Engineering Workshop 2016

Image by: ESA ESA Concurrent Engineering Workshop, organised by the ESA Education Office took place from 20 to 23 September 2016. 22 University students from 15 different countries gathered at the ESA Academy – Training and Learning Centre in ESA Redu Centre, Belgium. Bence Góczán, lead engineer of the UPRA project was also among the […]

ReHAB – 150 III – Flight Report

On 2th April 2016. our test flight campaing has begun with the first launch of the year. The flight was carefully planned and the main goal was to flight-test the ReHAB v1.1 system which was bench-tested for a year. Flight Computer For this flight we used the ReHAB v.1.x hardware which got an enhanced flight […]

ReHAB – 150 III – Short Summary

On the 2nd of April 2016. we launched ReHAB – 150 balloon on the third time. The mission goals were to test the new software of the flight computer, take some pictures and test a prototype version of our ground station. The secondary goals, to test the 4.5 m dish antenna and rotator of BME-GND […]

1st Symposium on Space Educational Activities

Between 9-12 December took place the “1st Symposium on Space Educational Activities” aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of space-related activities conducted by university student teams and young professional teams from different countries. The conference was organized by the University of Padova and the European Space Agency (ESA). UPRA Team was represented by Bence Góczán […]

ReHAB-150 II – GSBC Flight

On 17th of April, 2015, after a year pause since our first test flight we launched a balloon again. The original plan was using the new improved elements of the flight computer during the flight, but due to some unexpected problems during the development we had to make some last minute changes. This flight would […]

GSBC flight short summary

On April 17th our Global Space Balloon Challenge flight took place. Our goal was to take pictures and send back some of them during flight via radio. Unfortunately we had to face some technical issues after launch. Our telemetry system stopped so we couldn’t get any signal from our primary tracking system. The balloon was […]

April 17th Flight

We are going to launch our balloon for Global Space Balloon Challenge on April 17th. Sue to some software issue we couldn’t test all the new modules. Only the new and improved OBC (On-Board Computer) module will fly. We will use the communication modul and power supply unit of the previous flight. We will test […]

Events of February

We’ve had a busy few weeks lately. On 12th February LEGO LAB has gathered its Semi-annual Project Night where Bence Góczán presented the latest developments and near future goals of our high altitude balloon project. Full gallery On 18th February Levente Pápay represented our team at the Szakmai Est presentation night of Simonyi Károly College […]

ReHAB – 150 II capsule Conceptional Plan

The animation below shows the step-by-step conceptual plan of the ReHAB-150 II capsule. It is shown how the UPRA Telemetry System and the cameras placed. The assembled capsule also gets a MLI coat that makes the insulation more efficent.